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Welcome to My Blog on how to improve Fertility and IVF success!

My name is Rebecca Tanner I have been practicing as a Naturopath for over 30 years and have specialised in fertility support since the beginning my own fertility journey over 26 years ago. Along the way I have accumulated knowledge and credentials including a  Diploma of Acupuncture, a Masters in Reproductive Medicine.and a Bachelor of Midwifery. I am obsessed with research and love to interpret blood tests. As a consequence I am happiest when going through the results of people struggling with Fertility issues where the dots just haven't been joined - which is all too often! I love to blend what works from Eastern and Western medicine - Today I have 3 tips to assist the success of your fertility treatment. 

Tip 1 Have your egg collection in summer

 New research from Perth Western Australia has demonstrated a 30% increase in live birth rate when eggs were collected in summer - regardless of the time of year the transfer was done. "If eggs were collected in autumn, it was 26 births per 100 people, but if they were collected in summer there were 31 births per 100 people." Dr Sebastian Leathersich 2023

Tip 2 Have Acupuncture close to the time of embryo transfer

It is estimated that around 1/3 of women undertaking IVF are using acupuncture to support there IVF process. There is some fabulous new data that has emerged in 2023 demonstrating that individualised acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer was associated with 55% increase in FET live births and 42% reduction in biochemical pregnancies compared with FET alone. These results were based on the use of a protocol used by acupuncturists affiliated with Kindbody - the most up-to date fertility clinic in the USA with branches in Chicago & NYC . These are the protocols I use on Monday, Thursday, Fridays and every other Saturday in Nedlands in Western Australia at and at on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and alternate Saturdays near Fremantle in Hamilton Hill 

Tip 3 Destress & Prepare

A study also found that Auricular therapy - which I am a massive fan off and use all the time on clients -improved IVF fertility outcomes by reducing stress.

Further using acupuncture, chinese herbs, diet advice - known as whole systems TCM ( Traditional Chinese Medicine) for 8 -12weeks prior to IVF was associated with greater odds of a live birth.

Preparing your body for 3 months prior to any fertility treatment is vital - this is because both the egg and sperm take approximatley 3 months to mature ( we are born with the number of eggs we have to ovulate but a selection and maturation phase occurs where the developing sex cells(gametes) interface with your blood and can be potentially positively or negfatively influenced by the local environment in the ovaries - or testis. I therefore recommend evidence based supplements, nutrition guidance and acupuncture for this important maturation phase. For my Masters in Reproductive Medicine I wrote a webinar on improving egg (oocyte) quality - I hope to share this with you soon!

There are so many ways to upgrade fertility and IVF outcomes. I have spent decades researching this area and am passionate about helping those on a fertility journey.  

If you are wanting a complementary phone chat to discuss your fertility concerns or to see if I am the right practitioner for you please text 0447219231 and I will make a time for a 10 minute complimatary phone call.


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